Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Kenny Martin Jr Live at a Workshop for Ladies called "It's A L.O.V.E. Thang! in September 2013

Kenny Martin Jr., the author of #WaysToTell....ifhelikesyou will be a guest panelist at an upcoming Workshop for ladies entitled "It's A L.O.V.E. Thang!" The workshop will be held in Oakland California on Saturday September 7th at the Washington Inn. Event Information: The Ladies Of Virtue & Excellence Present: "It's a L.O.V.E. Thang" Workshop and Panel! This event was created by the founder of the L.O.V.E. Ministry (www.itsalovethang.com) Karsyn R. Davis whose "soul" purpose is to empower, equip and encourage young women in today's society to "Be A Lady At All Times", LOVE themselves and others and be the best "them" that they can be in Christ. As a two time pageant queen, speaker, and Christian, Karsyn is excited to share her wisdom with all! This event will feature classes on self-esteem, etiquette, poise and presentation, proper makeup application, and skin care. After the classes there will be an "ALL MALE Panel"

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Chivalry is not Dead!!! (He's just a dead beat)

Chivalry from men is not a dead thing Sisters. It is alive and well, and real men love to show it to every woman that crosses their path. Be it opening the door for her, walking her to her car, pulling out her chair, taking his jacket off so she can be warmed or removing his hat in her presence. Men that love women and respect them the same, are never too busy to show it. You might be perhaps taking your notes from a guy who has given up on loving a woman or does not see the need to respect any. It is a man void of good teaching and upbringing in my opinion that will not allow his chivalrous potential to manifest. Whatever you do my sister please do not lump us all in the same category as men who will not be gentlemen to a lady. We who are the gentlemen are proud to be such, and want to let it be shown and known every chance we get. Chivalry Lives!!!!! -Min. Kenny Martin Jr. #WaysToTell.....

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Potential Husbands don't hang out where Twerkers do... #HeAintThere

What would make you think that a man who is looking for a wife to be committed to and to possibly mother is children would be inclined to seek her out in a club or bar or party full of over sexed men and women half naked. The mind of a marrying man has matured and has come to a place in hi life in which all foolishness and playing around has ended. He is not interested in sharing her with anyone and knows that a woman who will twerk or shake her booty in the face of this man, is not ready to settle down yet. Maturity seeks out maturity. There may be men hanging out where you are going, and they may look good to you and you to them. They are not however men who are looking to make the pole sliding thick chick full of singles and glitter, their one and only. Sexy is sexy with clothes on, modest, and with dignity and class. Keep yours!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How to make yourself irresistable to Men that Marry!

"The shape of your body is not as important as the shape of your mind. Invest in good thinking, and a healthy heart. #IntelligenceIsSexy" The world we live in and the media that seems to guide it's decisions and thinking has convinced women and some men that sexy is only found in the shape of a woman's body. Be it a large chest size or a round back side, we have been hypnotized with the belief that sexy is all about the frame. Truth is, that most men who marry are not at all that interested in their woman having perfect curves or a beach body shape. Most are attracted to and turned on by a woman who can share intimate moments with him in stimulating thought and dialogue. Being able to talk about the future and having hopes, dreams and goals that can be articulated clearly and with color are an aphrodisiac. I'd encourage every woman to make sure that as she is getting that body right, not to forget to put much more into her mind. Read, study, and learn about the world around you, and about yourself. As you fill your head with knowledge and listen to those with wisdom, you will begin to realize your own value and self worth. Confidence is exuded from a woman who understands that she does not have to display her private parts fully or partially in order to be found attractive or approachable by a quality Man. Real men appreciate real women for who they are inside. #WaysToTell..... Min. Kenny Martin Jr. Email: waystotell@gmail.com To ask a question!