Friday, January 6, 2012

If he refuses to call your home too early or too late out of respect to your house....he likes you #WaysToTell

Men that consider you and your household to be important more than their desire to communicate with you are ones that respect you and really care about you. It is easy for men to think with their lustful mind and eyes and disregard time, place, or people involved. You have to pay attention to this and resist the urge to allow your own hormones and feelings of being considered, desired, and needed to kick in at this point. He can and should wait til an appropriate time to call you, and you should expect that from him. Giving in and allowing this to be the norm will only create a situation in the "relationship" where disrespect and dishonor can breed. A man that looks upon you as a jewel worthy of the best, will wait for you and put his feelings aside in order to honor you as a Lady!

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