Monday, January 30, 2012

No reason to stop taking care of yourself..............

"No reason to stop taking care of yourself and giving up on you or your future relationship status change cause if you give up you won't be around when he comes looking for you....Don't let a good man look in vain."
 The worst thing you can do is react to the delay that you feel you are experiencing in being found by your knight in shining armor. Your life and its process is not the same as any one else and you will not be able to gauge it according to what others have done. Though your friends and or siblings have already gotten married does not mean that you will right away. You life can only be lived out by you and the King that is looking for you has been cut from a cloth that is unlike any other. Do not stop looking great every time you leave the house and walk in confidence in all that you do. A man ready for marriage is attracted to a woman who is whole within and knows herself and is comfortable in her skin.

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