Thursday, January 5, 2012

The truth is that even if you've put up with and been in love with someone who does not "like" you based on these tips, all is not lost...Love will find you still! #smile

Please don't be discouraged and feel as if life will pass you by and love will never find you. Your experiences more than likely were stimulated by what you knew to be the right way and or what your heart was telling you at the time. Most of us are not instructed on the ways of dating, relationships and the opposite sex are learned by what we see others do or what is shown to us in the movies and television. In most cases we never get any real teaching on how to go about dating and what to expect from it. The truth of this does not pronounce a final judgement upon your life in the area of love. Hopefully this will cause you to identify unhealthy and healthy situations much clearer. A man is indeed looking for you, and you will be loved and love again! #I Believe it!

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