Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Writing the Book..... Working on the outline and structure

So I am getting the book started and I believe it is going to be something great.  It will of course be a ready resource for all you women who are curious, wondering and have questions as to what is really going on the mind of that man who keeps giving you the time of day, but will not commit. This book will be based on my own personal experiences and insight received from men and women from various walks of life. It is possible to understand the mind of a man ad I believe it is done through hearing the voice of another man who speaks with clarity, honesty, compassion and concern and f course truth! Okay, okay I'll be that man for the sake of sharing some important information such as this.. At any rate, buckle your seat belts and get ready as I reveal more insight on #WaysToTell if he likes you!


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