Thursday, September 27, 2012

How much are you worth?

Gold Bars - Know your value
Value attracts value. A real man who is responsible and doing the right things in his life, will notice a woman who is doing the same. Your confidence in who you are and not your arrogance about it, is what is soo attractive to a man who wants to be married. As you begin to discover your true God endowed value and start to live and walk like you know, I believe you will start to be approached by men who are not intimidated by you glow, but who recognize and appreciate it. Do not dumb down this jewel of an air about yourself. Live it out in everything you do. Wake up ready to go in the morning. Do your hair! Put on the dress that shows off your curves! Wear that fragrance! Smile! Feed your mind with knowledge! Eat right! Take care of your inside and outside. You are valuable, so treat yourself like you are.

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