Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Can I change His mind?

The question posed is: "Should a women still date a guy that says up front, at the moment he's not looking for anything too serious in a relationship? Is it likely for a guy to change his mind after getting to know the girl, or is that a signal to #WALK?" Ways To Tell Answer: You are not gonna convince him to get serious about a relationship if he's already saying he's not in it for that. Doesn 't mean he will never settle down though. Point is that you don't want to be building this fantasy in your mind about how you are going to change him and cause him to fall for you cause then you will basically be the pursuer and he will have little reason to chase you. If you want to be courted, don't be the aggressor. Settle on being "friends" only and just allow the relationship to develop if it will. Do not compromise or become intimate in anyway if he has already communicated is desire to stay out of a serious relationship...you'll be setting yourself up for hurt if you do. Ultimately men know where they are in their life and if they want to be married in the near future. Don't be a girl among many. Your time and life is to precious.

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