Tuesday, January 10, 2012

You have the power to make him find you and the jewels to make him stay......learn more about you and you learn more about him....

Women are too busy trying to discover and understand what makes a man come to her, love her, stay with her, leave her, and all that. However there are only a few things a woman really needs to know about a man, and one is that he desires to be with one. Men go with the hunt and are more desirous of what cannot be theirs very readily. Your in the face, here I am, come get me approach will only work for a man who is not planning to stay in the first place. When you begin to understand that you as a woman have what he is desirous of, then you must hold onto that and make him chase you. Never run after him if you want him to continue to run after you...cause just like playing tag with a not so good looking person, nobody wants to catch the one that is trying to be caught. Just a thought! :-)

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