Monday, January 9, 2012

If a man is married and its not working out in no possible way and he is saying its over and hes tryna find a way to end it .......

Anonymous Question:
If a man is married and its not working out in no possible way and he is saying its over and hes tryna find a way to end it because the wife is crazy,
whats the best thing for a single woman to do, stay out of it until he ends it, or be done? He's pursuing the single woman. And wants to marry her. And this is a christian/ pastor

#Ways to Tell.... Answer:
His relationship with his wife is his business no matter what he tells you. He is simply trying to get the single woman to agree with him and to let her guard down feeling as if she is helping or rescuing him. Many things are happening in this situtation. A marrage is or will be ending soon, and has alredy more than likley been violated and the single woman will be a contributing factor to this, though she is beng made to feel as if she is helping a man out of an unfortunate situation. After all he says, he just wants to be happy, right? Men play many games with themselves and women when they are not ready to man up! A real man move would be for him to acknowledge the fact that he is not willing to stay in this relationship and has turned his affection elseward and wants out. He should be the one to cut off his communication with the single woman so as not to also violate her as a woman worthy of a commitment drama free. And take care of his current relationship business be that divorce or restoring his marrage through counseling and healing. Not until he is out of the relationship fully/legally should he even consider being with another woman.....Any single woman who thinks her life is gonna be better with a Married man who says his marriage is not working but will not divorce is decieveing herself leave him alone and wait until he mans up.


  1. I just went through this also with a married man he act as if I was saving him than I told him I wanted a relationship that I wasn't willing to be in public with our friendship and he cut ties. I was up set but I guess I shouldn't be cause he did me a favor.

  2. It works every time! If you want to know if he wants to be with you, start using your power to walk away. A real man has no problem choosing, but a coward and a player never wants to choose until it means it will expose him!