Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Chivalry is not Dead!!! (He's just a dead beat)

Chivalry from men is not a dead thing Sisters. It is alive and well, and real men love to show it to every woman that crosses their path. Be it opening the door for her, walking her to her car, pulling out her chair, taking his jacket off so she can be warmed or removing his hat in her presence. Men that love women and respect them the same, are never too busy to show it. You might be perhaps taking your notes from a guy who has given up on loving a woman or does not see the need to respect any. It is a man void of good teaching and upbringing in my opinion that will not allow his chivalrous potential to manifest. Whatever you do my sister please do not lump us all in the same category as men who will not be gentlemen to a lady. We who are the gentlemen are proud to be such, and want to let it be shown and known every chance we get. Chivalry Lives!!!!! -Min. Kenny Martin Jr. #WaysToTell.....

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