Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Potential Husbands don't hang out where Twerkers do... #HeAintThere

What would make you think that a man who is looking for a wife to be committed to and to possibly mother is children would be inclined to seek her out in a club or bar or party full of over sexed men and women half naked. The mind of a marrying man has matured and has come to a place in hi life in which all foolishness and playing around has ended. He is not interested in sharing her with anyone and knows that a woman who will twerk or shake her booty in the face of this man, is not ready to settle down yet. Maturity seeks out maturity. There may be men hanging out where you are going, and they may look good to you and you to them. They are not however men who are looking to make the pole sliding thick chick full of singles and glitter, their one and only. Sexy is sexy with clothes on, modest, and with dignity and class. Keep yours!

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